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Learn chords and scales across the entire fretboard with this valuable resource that implements several features in a single guitar tool!


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Using the power of your computer, you'll soon be playing all the songs on guitar you want! You will also learn chord construction, scale construction, ear training and music theory.

All with an easy to use interface that's perfect for guitarists of all ages and levels. Guitar Calculator Pro lets you learn at your own pace, in your own home. The cost is way less than most chord and scale books. Your guitar teacher is ready when you are!


Open Chords * Bar Chords * Moveable Chords Major - Minor - 7 - Augmented - 9#5 - 9#11 - 13b5b9 - 9b5 - m13 - 9 - m11 - 7#5b9 - m9(M7) - 7#9 - m9 - 13b9 - 7b9 - 7#5 - m(M7) - 13 - 11 - maj9 - maj7 - 6/9 - 7b5 - m7b5 - 6 - m7 - add9 - dim7 - m6/9 - b5 - 7sus - m6 - sus4


Major * Minor * Pentatonic * Blues * altered * Exotic * Japanese Major - Harmonic Major - Hungarian Major - Neopolitan Major - Natural Minor - Harmonic Minor - Jazz Minor - Lydian Minor - Hungarian Minor - Neopolitan Minor - Pentatonic Major - Pentatonic Minor - Blues - Major Blues - Leading Whole Tone - Arabian - Byzantine - Hungarian Gypsy - Persian - East Indian Purvi - Oriental - Double Harmonic - Enigmatic - Overtone - Gagaku (Ryo) - Zokugaku - In Sen Pou - Okinawa

Easy to Use!

Guitar Calculator Pro has an interface that is very easy to use so you can spend more time playing the chords than looking them up. It tells you the chord you want with the click of a couple of buttons. It also has several other features so it can be as advanced as you want! Whether you're into jazz music, all types of rock, country or blues, electric or acoustic guitar, this is the ultimate chord and scale reference.

Guitar Calculator Pro

Chord Dictionary

Guitar Calculator Pro's chord dictionary includes thousands of chords with suggested fingerings, inversions, and alternates.

Scale Dictionary

The scale dictionary includes scales in all positions and suggested fingerings.

Chart Manager/Player

Maintain and play your very own customized chord, scale, and note map books with Guitar Calculator's chart management system and player.

Custom Scale & Chord Charts

Note Mapping

When you display a chord or scale, you can map all the notes of that chord across the entire fretboard with the new note map functionality. This comes in handy when you are looking to see all possibilities of arpeggios, scales, and other fingerings for a certain chord.

View Window

A small, dockable window where you can view the tablature, chart items, and scale tips.

MIDI Player

Completely adjust your playback tempo, strumming pattern, and instrument sound when playing chords, scales, and charts.

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