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How do you ensure that funds that are charged to my Visa will come through as an original Canadian dollar charge?

Currency exchange is handled by our credit card processor. When placing your order, you can select the currency you wish to pay in at the top of the secure order page and everything is automatic.

My computer crashed and I lost everything including my registration information. Can I get another registration key?

Yes. Our newer security software lock allows you to get your own registration information via our "software registration" page. All you need is your order information. If you need any assistance recovering an older version of our software (with the older locking system) just contact us to get your unlock code.

Hi, I have been using you software and I just recently purchased a new computer. I copied the software folder to my new computer and am having trouble with the transfer of information. I keep getting an error message.

Before moving any version of our software, be sure to backup any current databases you have then run the setup program to install the software. Once the application is installed, you can replace your databases. Note: You must first contact us if you wish to transfer your license from one computer to another.

How long or how many times does the free trial version work?

Our trial software is feature limited software and will not time out.

How do I know if I have the latest version of software and how do I update if I don't?

You can check your current version of software by looking on the "Help->About" menu item in the software. You can always check for the latest version of software by visiting the software's "News & Updates" page. Complete instructions are given and updating to the latest release is quick and easy.

Home Products Support Download Purchase Contact Us

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