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TabBook has an interface that is easy to use so you can spend more time playing songs than you do looking them up. It also has several other features so it can be as advanced as you want!


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TabBook is a database application that helps any musician of any level quickly organize and maintain guitar and bass tablature files and lyrics as well as other instruction documents.

TabBook makes it easy to collect and store your own compositions as well as others found on the internet.

Multiple Tabbooks

Create and maintain as many Tabbook databases as you want.

Unlimited Categories

Categorize each Tabbook database with unlimited categories.

Bookmark System

Bookmark documents for easy retrieval.

Search Options

Search your treeview for file titles as well as the entire database. You can limit your TabBook searches to one field or all fields. You can also search each document.

Built In Web Browser

Browse the web for tab files with TabBook's convenient web browser. Drag selected parts from the browser to your treeview or import the whole page with a single click!

Drag Drop Ease

Easitly drag selected text and files to your Tabbook folder tree to store documents.

File Import/Export

Direct internet import from the TabBook web browser and export your files to several popular formats.

Click here to visit the Tabbook website now!  

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